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2011 a personal perspective

For many of us 2011 was a roller coaster of challenges in one or more of the following areas;

  • In our physical health
  • Our interactions with others
  • Our personal relationships
  • Financial constraints

To name but a few. It was as if the pace of life had suddenly increased.  There were not enough hours in the day.  Confrontations, conditions, scenarios appeared to be hitting us from every angle.  No sooner had we dealt with one aspect of our lives and the next one was upon us.  If you were extremely unlucky life did not give you chance to get over one before the next appeared on the horizon.  In fact many of you would have found yourself battling on many levels at the same time.  At the same time you would have found yourself able to resolve issues, some of which may have been present in your life for significant periods of time.  Yet here you were suddenly, with clarity, able to understand the reasons for their presence in your life and the lessons behind them.  As we learn and understand so they dissolve from our lives.

For many this will have taken its toll on many levels.  Many people have complained of one or more of the following symptoms:-

-   Tiredness; inability to sleep; waking up at 3.30: 4.30 or 6.30;

-   Headaches; joint pain; unusual aches and pains

-   Short temperedness; irritability

-   Anxiety; heightened fear

All in all, this has resulted in life feeling like a continual emotional roller coaster from the beginning of the year until the end.

So what has been happening?  What is the purpose of all this anxiety and stress?  As hard as it is to believe 2011 gave us the opportunity to resolve many issues which have bombarded us and held us back for many years. Without realising it, for many years we found ourselves caught in a pattern where the same issues, although hidden in a different set of circumstances, have haunted us.  This year life gave us a chance to resolve these issues, in order that we could move on.  For many this will not have been completed in one year and will carry on well into 2012.

So for all of those besieged by one battle after another, who have faced either emotional, financial or both types of hardships.  Whose health has been dogged with one problem after another, while battling emotional stress, fear not the worst is over and things will begin to get better.    A huge clearing has taken place.  A little battered and probably feeling the worst for our experiences we can begin to move on.  Now that we have cleared out, sorted out or been sorted.  There is space for us to begin to perceive the new world.

We are moving towards a World that will hold greater understanding and compassion towards each other.  We are not there yet, just beginning to nudge the door.  A world where we will have greater understanding and empathy to those around us.  It doesn’t mean we have to like what we see, but at least we will understand the reasoning surrounding it.  A World where we will respect the animals that reside on our planet and we will treat them with kindness and respect.  A World where we will care about the state of our planet and begin to nurture it.

We will slowly begin to take responsibility for everything we do and for the times when we turn a blind eye and fail to act.  We will recognise that for everything we do, good or bad there is a consequence.

Sandrea Mosses - Medium & Clairvoyant

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