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Death & Dying

On thing for certain is we are all going to die at some point or another.  Broadly there are two types of deaths, which are the expected and the unexpected.


Unexpected.  In all my years as a Medium I have never had anyone come through and say they suffered at the point of death.  I have spoken to spirit people who have died in bike accidents, fires, committed suicide, jumped of buildings or drowned.  Just to name a few.  The tale they tell is always the same.  I was there one minute then in the next I was standing by the side of my body, is usually what happens.  I remember when someone came through who had been murdered they felt nothing at all, except peace and a strange feeling of calmness.

We are made up of three elements mind, body and spirit.  When our physical body dies the spirit returns back home.  When the body meets an accident or event which the soul knows it will not survive the soul exits the body before the point of impact.

Expected Death.  As the physical body begins to fade the veil between the two worlds begin to diminish.  As the person slips in and out of consciousness they drift in and out of the two worlds.  Towards the end more often than not they will talk of seeing someone in the room with them.  Sometimes they recognise them some times they don’t.  But no-one dies alone.  They is always someone there comforting them.


At the point of death, the person just rises up, as they do every night during sleep state.  But this time they take the silver cord that connects them to the body with them.  The connection is broken, only now will the body die.  The soul has to exit the body, before it dies.

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